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Machines and equipment for the glass
          ARNOLD is one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of burners, tools and machines as well as ready-to-use systems for customers in the area of photovoltaic, glass and quartz glass processing, fiber-optic and the automotive production.
          For the furnishing of a classical glassblower’s working place, we offer a comprehensive program of different laboratory burners and bench burners. The burners can be delivered for all types of gas:
- Hand burners
- Bench burners
- Machine burners
- Quartz burners

- Special burners

- Accessories
          We can offer you a wide range of tools made of various materials for hot working with glass. From traditional materials such as brass and graphite up to glass carbon, which is distinguished by its high surface quality and its low thermal conductivity.
- Reamer
- Graphite Tools
- Holder
- Tweezers & Constriction Tools

- Glass Cutting Tools 

- Glassblower's Working Tables
- Optical Glass Strain Detectors
Glass Working Lathes
          Our lathes are used in the laboratory glass production and electronics industry, for delicate joining, forming and sealing works, in the quartz glass industry for outside calibration of heavy, long tubes as well as for joining and reshaping operations with specific appliance and machine equipment and in the fiber industry with specific machine concepts for particular process steps.
Glass Forming Machines
          For the production of standard ground joints, ball joints, stop cock barrels, glass threads and flanges as well as execution of various serial works. According to the machine model, tube ends up to 200 mm diameter can be formed.
Glass Cutting Machines
          In principle we differentiate between three cutting methods. Wet cutting, scratch-breaking and the thermal shock method. Each of these methods has its own advantages but also restrictions. Therefore the field of application depends on the used material and the desired processing quality.
Grinding & Drilling Machines
Grinding Machines
From the simple manually operated machine up to the fully automatic, NC controlled edger - our range of grinding machines has the solution for almost every case of use.
Drilling Machines
Especially for adding bores with diamond crowned hollow drills in glass and quartz glass, as well as for the processing of standard ground joint cores and husks by means of diamond reamers.
The drilling machines distinguish themselves by their lengthwise drilled spindles with mounted cooling-agent rinsing joint. As a result the tools in use are cooled and a considerably higher lifetime of the tools in guaranteed.
Laser Processing of Glass
          One of the important advantages is the flexibility of laser light. By focusing the laser beam it is possible to cut quartz glass or to scratch borosilicate glass for a subsequent cracking-off process. A glass heating used for forming or joining processes can be realized by the adjustment of larger laser beam diameters on the glass. Each kind of glass, from quartz glass to AR-glass, can be processed with a laser source.

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