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High Purity Water System
Aries FilterWorks filters and water purification systems are manufactured in our state-of-the-art facilities utilizing the latest technologies. Our commitment to quality is unsurpassed. Every product is individually lot numbered providing complete traceability through our extensive quality program.
Ultra High-Purity Water System
Features and  Benefits
- Multi-Pass Ultraviolet system irradiates the water at 3 separate passes
- Counter space saving wall mounted design
- Touch panel screen provides easy interface for programmable dispensing
Gemini Series
Ultra High-Purity Water System
Features and  Benefits
- 2.5 LPM of 18 MΩ TYPE 1 reagent water on demand
- Intuitive, User friendly touch-screen interface
- Real time quality monitoring with leak detection
- Quick change, No tools cartridge design
- Large capacity, Low cost consumables cartridges
Aries System
High-Purity Water System
Features and  Benefits
- Intuitive touch screen allows for programmable dispensing
- High capacity cartridges require less frequent change outs
- Fully recirculating flow of water
- Compact Design
Hydra-DI Series
Deionized Water System
Features and  Benefits

- Pre-assembled cartridge system
- > 10 MΩ Water
- Available in High purity and High capacity  configurations
- Visual Resistivity light indicator
- Designed for City water & Tab water supple
- Wall mounted & Low profile

Hydra Series
Deionized Water System
Features and  Benefits
- Pre-assembled cartridge system
- General Deionization
- Systems can be configured to meet specific applications from drinking water to waste water
- Available from 1 to 3 bowl systems
- Turnkey system for easy installation
Reverse Osmosis Pretreatment
Features and  Benefits
- RO Pretreatment addition to any lab water system
- 4-stage filtration with 14 Gallon bladder tank

- High volume output
- Easy filter changes
- Variety of options including booster pump and high capacity membranes
UNIX System
Modular Cartridges System
Features and  Benefits
- Modular design for multiple staged filtration
- Quick-connect cartridges holder to effectively treat water
- Wall mounting frees up valuable lab counter space
- Economical low flow make up
- A variety of cartridges are available to meet the individual application requirements
Replacement Cartridges
Each Filter is built around ResinTech, Inc. premium media
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